Blue Bird Feeding

Blue Birds

Blue Bird

Seven Tips for Attracting Bluebirds

  • Open it up. Bluebirds prefer open areas with low grass and perches from which they can hunt insects.
  • Leave it alone.
  • Plant native.
  • Just add water.
  • Go chemical-free.
  • Beware of roaming cats.
  • Offer mealworms.
  • Offer a Eastern Bluebird house. … box height 3-6 feet – hole size 1 1/2″ diameter (round), or 2 1/4″ high x 13/8″ wide (oval)

Blue Birds

Winter use: Animal suet from your meat market, or a suet cake. You could make your own suet by mixing chunk peanut butter with bird seed.

Suet Recipe

In a blender or food processor, combine 1 part peanut butter, 1 part Crisco or similar vegetable shortening, 3 part yellow cornmeal, 1 part white or whole wheat flour, and 1 part finely chopper corn. If it is too sticky, add more cornmeal or flour to make it manageable. Keep any extra in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. This mixture can be offered in the cups or frozen during the wither months in the coiled holders for Downy, Redheaded, Hairy, and Red-bellied woodpeckers, Chickadee, Tufted titmouse, White Breasted nuthatch, Red-breasted nuthatch, starling and mockingbird. Suet is a high-energy food source for birds.

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