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Window Oriole Feeder Item #001
Window Oriole Feeder Item #001

Oriole Copper Marsh Feeders LLC is located between two of the largest freshwater cattail marshes in the United States. Beautiful flat wetlands of the Horicon Marsh and Theresa Marsh, Wisconsin.

I started this business in 2000 with only four designs for Orioles and over the years I have incorporated it for the use of Hummingbirds and Bluebirds. I have had friends and family along with myself; use the feeders, to see how the copper and cups hold up in all types of weather conditions. My goal is to create a unique bird feeder that is attractive, low maintenance, (easy to clean) and allows bird enthusiasts to view beautiful wild birds without having anything obstructing your view.

As an entrepreneur I sold my product at art shows throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. Listening to customers’ suggestions I made the necessary changes to my designs to give an avid birder a high quality product.

January 2005 I went into wholesale. Unique and specialty retail stores carry my feeders. I obtained a wholesale distributor in May 2012 and now my feeders are sold across the United States, Canada, and on Amazon.com.

This line of products allows birders the opportunity to choose the right copper feeder to enhance the beauty of a fine garden or yard and to enjoy these beautiful migratory birds from Central America up close.

I believe you will enjoy the unique Oriole Copper Marsh Feeders LLC feeder season after season. I stand behind the quality of each skillfully hand crafted feeder.


Brenda Steger

Window Hummingbird Feeder- Item #002
Window Hummingbird – Item #002